English event description:
When modern nightlife, around 100 years ago, found it’s origin in the roaring 20’s it was for the first time in history that a place came to birth where everyone was equal and accepted no matter where you came from. This place was the dancefloor, a place where everyone could celebrate total freedom and appreciation from then on until our present day. From this place, in the decades following a wide range of marginalised groups (such as the black community in the 60’s/70’s and the gay community in the 80’s) found a place for themselves. These movements eventually always had their influence on general society.

Since the dancefloor has not been a part of our society anymore, we have been realising more and more how much we miss this free space and safe haven. And above all, how much we need this uniting factor in our society after these 1,5 years. The event Back to the Dancefloor is a symposium that emerges deep into this theme and celebrates the strength and value that the nightlife brings to our society.The topic will be approached by a wide selection of global perspectives with speakers from Berlin to nightife activists from Tblisi as well as local views from Amsterdam and of course Groningen as the core. Back to the Dancefloor grabs the topic by it’s essence and shows you what you never realised in blend of music, lectures, installations and more!

Organised by: http://hybridagency.nl/
Location: https://www.grandtheatregroningen.nl/nl